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"Absolutely loved this book. Fabulous story line and wonderful characters." (Amazon Review Australia)

„Claudia Winter writes wonderful stories with distinctive characters and exciting plots. A must for everybody loving romantic comedies.“

(Katrin Koppold, Author).

„Winter spices up her stories with a lot of wit and some feelgood clichés.“

(Newspaper Nassauische Neue Presse)

"Well, it is now 1.32am and I have just finished the book. My husband has gone to bed which is unheard of as I am always in bed before him. It was worth the late night. What a fantastic book, I couldn't put it down. Fantastic story and fabulous characters. Just loved it. Do yourselves a favour and buy the book." (Goodreads Review)

"This book really entertained me from the first to the last page with its lovingly drawn characters, the funny way of writing, the original comparisons and the many twists and turns! Really one of the best good-mood books I’ve read in a long time!"

(Emma Wagner, Author)

"I thought over all this was a really good book with a quirky theme and amusing dialogue. I was disappointed that it didn't have a definitive happy ever after, but ... I felt frustrated at that, however because it was such a different story from the norm in this genre and definitely worth its 4* rating I would give it a good recommend for your to read shelf."

(Goodreads Review)

"This is the first time I have read a book written by Claudia Winter. This was a free read with Amazon Kindle and I'm glad I had the patience to read it to the end.
The first few chapters was slow going, I won't beat around the bush, I thought I was well and truly going to stash this to the side and it would collect dust but it was one of those books that surprised me. Why? Because it encapsulated Tuscany the way I saw it when I visited it last. The characters are truly heart warming as they are truly Italian and the POV of both Hanna and Fabrizio really help to carry the story alone. Really great read."

(Goodreads Review)

"I loved the story of Hanna and Fabrizio! I was drawn into their story from the beginning, which alternates between the voices Hanna and Fabrizio.
I received a copy of this book in a first-reads Goodreads giveaway. Enjoyable writing style and characters. I'll be looking for more books by Claudia Winter."

(Goodreads Review)   

"(...) I want to say one thing about Hanna that I loved. She was a career woman, and I feel career women are sometimes painted in a negative light. She loved her job, and she was proud of that fact. She didn’t compromise on that part of her, even when she could have dropped everything to be with a hunky Italian man. This really made the book extra special to me, as far too often, we see women give up their friends, jobs and hobbies to be with a man, especially in romance books. Oh sure, you’ll get the strong women with attitude, but they still run off with the man for True Love without much thought. Even in love, Hanna thought about who she was and what was important to her. YES.(...)"



"Wonderfully told story. Attention: danger of wanderlust!" (TV Magazine “hörzu”)

"What a super book! I got so absorbed I couldn't put it down. Even reading it while walking the dog!! Story is gentle and romantic and shows how important family, love & dreams are. A easy read and very well written! Would recommend." (Amazon Review UK)

"Such a great read,perfect for holidays or a simple distraction. Couldn't get it out of my head and couldn't put it down. I fully recommend this book if you are looking for a feel good pick me up!" (Amazon Review UK)

„An enchanting book like this one, into which you can completely sink, is very rare."

(Review on Lovelybooks book community) .

"Just the right book for everyone, who likes love stories with humor, set in a lovely scenery, not too corny or exaggerated und in which fate plays an important role."

(Review on Amazon)

"What a magnificent book. Transported me into the story with scenery painted so vividly. A real feel good story." (Goodreads Review)         

Hanna Philip is restaurant critic from Berlin, and her latest review of a restaurant in a peaceful village tucked away in the apricot grove of Tuscan in Italy set off a chain of events which transformed her life. The owner of Tre Camini restaurant, Giuseppa Camini, dies of a fatal heart attack after reading the disparaging and contemptuous review. When Camini’s grandson Fabrizio Camini filed a lawsuit accusing Hanna and the magazine she works for of causing the death of his grandmother, it is left to Hanna to convince him to drop the case or she will be left without a job. Reluctantly Hanna set off and soon the half-hearted steps turned into a wholehearted adventure of a lifetime, full of love and hope.
What immediately attracts one to the story and the setting is the beautiful way in which the fictional village of Montesimo in Italy is portrayed. Claudia Winter leaves nothing to chance and her vivid imagery and description of the place makes you want to go there on a vacation. The description of the apricot fields, the sunrises and sunsets makes the place come alive in your mind. This fictional village is representative of all the little Italian villages where one finds the hope that everyone yearns for in our hearts. Hanna’s character is also finely drawn without holding anything back. She’s downright clumsy and unlucky, and worst suffers from kleptomania.
The story is written in alternating chapters from the perspective of Hanna Philip and Fabrizio which enables the reader to gain more insights about the two main characters. Readers will enjoy the drama, complications and the flowering romance between Hanna and Fabrizio. You will be moved to tears as Apricot Kisses by Claudia Winter is a book that goes to the heart and stays there.
Claudia Winter’s protagonists are characters with endearing weaknesses but formed with the ability to outgrow in the course of their stories. Hanna and Fabrizio’s story is a lesson about life and love, and how to go about it. You can’t always take yourself too seriously. Sometimes you need to go with the flow of life. Open your hearts, close your eyes, raise your arms and you’ll grow wings to fly. A most delightful and charming book, I strongly recommend Apricot Kisses by Claudia Winter if you have a heart for romance and adventure. (Review Amazon UK)