a warm welcome!

I’m really pleased to welcome you here on my author’s website. Come into my personal writing room and learn something about my literary world, in which love, friendship and culinary delights have a special value.

I write books for women, about women. Women who enjoy good luck, sometimes just a little, sometimes quite a lot. Join me as we dream of small cafés, book stores, restaurants, Italian apricot estates and charming Scottish villages. Of places where life’s dreams come true when someone dares to jump over their own shadow.

My novels talk about the love we sometimes meet where we expect it least. They are a homage to women’s friendships - friendships strong enough to overcome their destinies.

And last but by no means least there´s fun and humour. After all – what would daily life be without a smile?

© Fotografie Katharina Müller
© Fotografie Katharina Müller

Come with me and my loveable heroines to a warm, cosy, hospitable place, where the aroma of a lovingly cooked meal hangs in the air. Indulge yourself. Take a little time out with a cup of coffee and, I hope, with one of my books.


Sincerely yours

Claudia Winter

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